I am at the point where I understand my worth and know I deserve better and not from someone else but from myself

Happiness is YOU

I have just gained a pearl of wisdom about happiness. I usually like most people think my happiness is in the people around us specially our lovers 💏 but in fact it’s within us and how we view our lives and situations. The way we react to it… So I am happy 😊 whether everything is falling apart or not because it’s all for the great good of reshaping, reset and rejuvenate.

It’s a ugh! Day!

I woke up this morning with all intention to be happy 😊. I know right! Had my morning black coffee *my pick me up* then played my music. And I was getting the feel good feeling waited for my good morning love SMS from my life partner… 💕 Did not receive it, feeling forgotten I decided to call him with my 1 minute call…no he didn’t forget he was not interested in talking to me. So my day became a bit dull.